Women In the Channel Elects Members of First-Ever Board

Telecom's Women In the Channel (WIC) has elected five people to its first-ever board of directors.

They are: Nancy Ridge, vice president at Telcombrokers (president); Bita Milanian, president at BMG Consulting (vice president, marketing); Laura Bernstein, president at CRA (board member mentorship); Hilary Gadda, director at TelePacific Communications (board member outreach liaison and sponsorship); and Chris Wilson, president at DataTel Direct (committee chair, conference call committee).

WIC formed two years ago at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, gaining momentum and membership ever since, the group said.

“WIC members originally were not going to form a board, but the time has come for measurability, accountability and rotating leadership," said Nancy Ridge, president of Women in the Channel. “We believe that with committed and proven leaders in place, WIC will not only grow in numbers but move to the next level as a highly influential professional organization in the communications industry."

WIC board members will serve one-year terms. Other leadership roles remain available. The group's mission is collaboration through identity and relationships to grow business. Its members are women in leadership, ownership and revenue-generating roles in the alternate sales channel.