We are the Women in the Channel



We are a grassroots organization made up of women who are in leadership, ownership and revenue generating roles in the alternate sales channel sector of the telecommunications industry. Month after month, we are responsible for generating sales for our companies and creating wealth for our families.

Many of us are wives and mothers and sisters, all of us are daughters and a high percentage of us are the main breadwinners in our families. We come together in this group because in an industry that is growing, expanding and changing the number of women at our level is shrinking.

We come together because women throughout the ages have been masters at collaboration, at communicating – both listening and speaking out, at gathering resources and at executing change while in constant motion. We come together because we love the life we have built for ourselves and our families in our respective careers and we want to share that with young women, showing them the possibilities and the opportunities to make it even better for the next generation of Women in the Channel.

If you identify, we invite you to join us in making a difference…for your business, for yourself and for the future.

In November 2014 Peter Radizeski spoke with WiC co-founder, Nancy Ridge, and WiC Board member, Bita Milanian on Women in the Channel’s growth. With elections, more events, and awards, the organization is having notable success among its members!  Click here to listen to the podcast.