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Video Introduction

Check out the below video for an introduction to Women in the Channel.


Khali Henderson
Channel Partners has been a supporter of Women in the Channel since it was just a great idea. Our small contribution was to give it a forum at our events and to help a group of tremendously talented and motivated women bring their idea to life. The women (and men) at Channel Partners could not be more impressed with the evolution of the group in providing women that work in the channel with the networking, mentoring and education they need to be more successful in their careers. That said, this is just the beginning for WIC; it has every potential to be a leading light in the telecom and IT channels as time goes on. We would recommend that you join us in supporting its growth through sponsorship or membership. Whether you are in channel sales, support, management or leadership, you will benefit either personally or professionally (or both) from this association.

~ Channel Partners